Practice Management:
Redefining EHR with the Power of Choice

The Power of Choice

We provide offices with the most complete and customizable health records on the market. With a multitude of integrated partners and in-house options available, you choose what’s right for your office.
  • Exhaustive Billing Component including Billing Service Integrations
  • Secure Electronic Claims for almost all Insurance Carriers
  • In Office and Online Multi-doctor Scheduling
  • All-Inclusive Inventory Management
  • Integrations with Durable Medical Equipment, File Management Systems, Patient Engagement Software and more

Real Time Scheduling

Fully customize your appointments to fit your office. Watch your appointments update in real time without having to refresh the page.
  • Customize Schedules by Day, Provider, and Location
  • Appointments that can be dragged-and-dropped
  • Trackable Room Assignments
  • Wait/Reschedule List Features
  • Automated Re-Scheduling for Cancelled/Missed Appointments and more.

Streamline Workflow

Our electronic routing slips follow your patients from check-in to check-out. Give your office a paperless edge on tracking the patient’s diagnosis, CPT codes, product orders/sales, and recalls for effortless invoice creation and pre-appointments.

Prioritize Patient Care,
Not Paperwork

Our mobile friendly online forms are completely customizable. Allow your patients to fill out what’s needed before being seen, either at home or in the office. Our forms seamlessly import into CrystalPM for both new and existing patients, saving you time for what matters most.