Access Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device
The Crystal Cloud removes limits and provides you secure access to all of your practice information from anywhere*. In addition to being available anywhere, you can access your system on any device as well. The Crystal Cloud supports access from a computer, tablet, or any modern mobile phone.

No Compromise Security

  • There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds* and Cybercrime has surpassed the global drug trade in profitability. It’s not just big companies that are being attacked, small businesses are considered the “low hanging fruit” of the hacker world and have since become the #1 target of cybercrime.
  • The Crystal Cloud uses the absolute latest threat detection and protection systems ensuring your data is safe from outside attack.

    * Based on the study conducted by Michel Cukier, affiliate of the Clark School’s Center for Risk and Reliability and Institute for Systems Research.

Blazingly Fast On-Boarding Time

  • Well before the day arrives to get your practice running on the cloud, Crystal’s implementation team has been working behind the scenes to get your system ready. To minimize any impact on your practice, the Crystal team coordinates installations with your third parties, configures user logins, and pre-installs the latest version of Crystal PM before your installation day arrives. On your scheduled implementation day, our implementation team is trained to get you on board quickly and efficiently.
  • Ophthalmic Equipment Integration

    Regardless of whether you use equipment from Zeiss, Marco, Optos, Humphreys, or the myriad of other ophthalmic equipment, Crystal Cloud has you covered. The Crystal Cloud relies on recognized industry standards, it will work properly on any device that supports standard terminal services. So rest easy knowing that your equipment integration is supported in the cloud.

5 Star Technical Support

  • Needing to call technical support for help is often more frustrating than the problem you’re experiencing. Crystal Cloud’s trained technical support team understands the value of your time. Our average response time for a support technician to answer your call about a cloud issue is less than 3 minutes.
  • Even Faster Technical Support
    Want even a faster way to get support? You can send a text message to the Crystal Cloud technical team and they will start working on your problem right away. Responses will show up as a text message right on your mobile phone, giving you the time to keep working on the things that matter to your practice.

Secure Backup Included

  • The Crystal Cloud includes secure “air-gapped” daily backup of your data keeping it safe and secure in the event of a data loss. Unlike other providers, our backups are disconnected from our network after each backup ensuring a hacker has no access to your data ever.
  • Keep a Copy of Your Data in Your Practice
    The Crystal Cloud is the only cloud that offers the My Data My Way* service which creates a daily backup and synchronizes that backup directly to your practice or anywhere you have an internet connection. Giving you peace of mind that even in the event of a cyber attack, your data is within your control and can be downloaded at any time.
  • * My Data My Way is offered at an additional cost.


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