Serial Cables must be purchased from Topcon prior to integration


CrystalPM / Topcon Bi-directional Communication Setup


For instructions on sending Autorefractor and Lensometer data from CrystalPM to Topcon, please click HERE





Topcon CV5000s/KB50s Integration Guide can be found here.





Set up the Crystal PM Machine Utility using the following instructions:  Crystal PM Machine Integration Utility Setup


Data Speed:


Data Bits:




Stop Bits:


Flow Control:



Text (.txt) output




Add the Machine:

1.      In Crystal, go to the Records tab

2.      In Records, navigate to EHR Settings à Import Machines à Select an open Machine Slot

3.      A window will open with a list a of machines, click on “Browse for available machines” at the bottom

4.      Choose the machine labeled “Topcon CV5000”

5.      Browse to the .txt output location (C:\Program Files (x86)\CrystalPM\mach\mach1\mach1.txt)

6.      Click open, then leave the Records tab in Crystal and then come back to it (Click on Tasks tab then click back onto records tab.)


Create the button in records:

1.      In Records, navigate to EHR Settings à Edit Medical Record Templates

2.      At the bottom of the Edit Fields Window click on “Add New Field”

3.      Make the field type to be a button

4.      Assign the fields in your template to the corresponding fields from the .txt file below:

5.      Add field to template and Save Changes




ID          Data                        

1.                           FileName

2.                           Time


Subject Data

3.                           SPh OD (far)

4.                           Cyl OD (far)

5.                           Ax OD (far)

6.                           SPh OS (far)

7.                           Cyl OS (far)

8.                           Ax OS (far)

9.                           Prism Horizontal OD (far)

10.                       Prism Vertical OD (far)

11.                       Prism Horizontal OS (far)

12.                       Prism Vertical OS (far)

13.                       SPh OD (near)

14.                       Cyl OD (near)

15.                       Ax OD (near)

16.                       SPh OS (near)

17.                       Cyl OS (near)

18.                       Ax OS (near)

19.                       Add OD

20.                       Add OS

21.                       Prism Horizontal OD (near)

22.                       Prism Vertical OD (near)

23.                       Prism Horizontal OS (near)

24.                       Prism Vertical OS (near)

25.                       VA OD (far)

26.                       VA OS (far)

27.                       VA OU (far)

28.                       VA OD (near)

29.                       VA OS (near)

30.                       VA OU (near)

31.                       uncorrected VA OD (far)

32.                       uncorrected VA OS (far)

33.                       uncorrected VA OU (far)

34.                       uncorrected VA OD (near)

35.                       uncorrected VA OS (near)

36.                       uncorrected VA OU (near)

37.                       PD (far)

38.                       PD (near)

39.                       Convergence Blur (far)

40.                       Convergence Break (far)

41.                       Convergence Recovery (far)

42.                       Divergence Blur (near)

43.                       Divergence Break (near)

44.                       Divergence Recovery (near)

45.                       Convergence Blur (near)

46.                       Convergence Break (near)

47.                       Convergence Recovery (near)

48.                       Divergence Blur (far)

49.                       Divergence Break (far)

50.                       Divergence Recovery (far)

51.                       Convergence Vertical-Up Eye (far)

52.                       Convergence Vertical-Up Blur (far)

53.                       Convergence Vertical-Up Break (far)

54.                       Convergence Vertical-Up Recovery (far)

55.                       Convergence Vertical-Down Eye (far)

56.                       Convergence Vertical-Down Blur (far)

57.                       Convergence Vertical-Down Break (far)

58.                       Convergence Vertical-Down Recovery (far)

59.                       Convergence Vertical-Up Eye (near)

60.                       Convergence Vertical-Up Blur (near)

61.                       Convergence Vertical-Up Break (near)

62.                       Convergence Vertical-Up Recovery (near)

63.                       Convergence Vertical-Down Eye (near)

64.                       Convergence Vertical-Down Blur (near)

65.                       Convergence Vertical-Down Break (near)

66.                       Convergence Vertical-Down Recovery (near)

67.                       Stereo Test

68.                       Detailed Stereo Test

69.                       Coincidence Test (Horizontal)

70.                       Coincidence Test (Vertical)

71.                       Clock Test

72.                       Worth 4 Dots Test

73.                       Dominant Eye

74.                       Date

75.                       Time

Final Data

76.                       SPh OD (far)

77.                       Cyl OD (far)

78.                       Ax OD (far)

79.                       SPh OS (far)

80.                       Cyl OS (far)

81.                       Ax OS (far)

82.                       Prism Horizontal  OD (far)

83.                       Prism Vertical  OD (far)

84.                       Prism Horizontal OS (far)

85.                       Prism Vertical OS (far)

86.                       SPh OD (near)

87.                       Cyl OD (near)

88.                       Ax OD (near)

89.                       SPh OS (near)

90.                       Cyl OS (near)

91.                       Ax OS (near)

92.                       Add OD

93.                       Add OS

94.                       Prism Horizontal OD (near)

95.                       Prism Vertical OD (near)

96.                       Prism Horizontal OS (near)

97.                       Prism Vertical OS (near)

98.                       VA OD (far)

99.                       VA OS (far)

100.                   VA OU (far)

101.                   VA OD (near)

102.                   VA OS (near)

103.                   VA OU (near)

Objective Data

104.                   SPh OD

105.                   Cyl OD

106.                   Ax OD

107.                   SPh OS

108.                   Cyl OS

109.                   Ax OS

110.                   Contact/Glass

111.                   PD

112.                   VA OD (far)

113.                   VA OS (far)

114.                   VA OU (far)

KR Data

115.                   Horizontal Data Radius OD

116.                   Horizontal Data Diopter OD

117.                   Horizontal Data Axis OD

118.                   Horizontal Data Radius OS

119.                   Horizontal Data Diopter OS

120.                   Horizontal Data Axis OS

121.                   Vertical Data Radius OD

122.                   Vertical Data Diopter OD

123.                   Vertical Data Axis OD

124.                   Vertical Data Radius OS

125.                   Vertical Data Diopter OS

126.                   Vertical Data Axis OS

127.                   Avg Radius OD

128.                   Avg Diopter OD

129.                   Avg Radius OS

130.                   Avg Diopter OS

131.                   Cyl of Cornea OD

132.                   Cyl of Cornea OS

133.                   Axis of Weak Meridian OD

134.                   Axis of Weak Meridian OS

CL Data

135.                   SPh OD (far)

136.                   Cyl OD (far)

137.                   Ax OD (far)

138.                   SPh OS (far)

139.                   Cyl OS (far)

140.                   Ax OS (far)

141.                   Prism Horizontal OD (far)

142.                   Prism Vertical OD (far)

143.                   Prism Horizontal OS (far)

144.                   Prism Vertical OS (far)

145.                   SPh OD (near)

146.                   Cyl OD (near)

147.                   Ax OD (near)

148.                   SPh OS (near)

149.                   Cyl OS (near)

150.                   Ax OS (near)

151.                   Add OD

152.                   Add OS

153.                   Prism Horizontal OD (near)

154.                   Prism Vertical OD (near)

155.                   Prism Horizontal OS (near)

156.                   Prism Vertical OS (near)

157.                   PD

158.                   VA OD (far)

159.                   VA OS (far)

160.                   VA OU (far)

161.                   VA OD (near)

162.                   VA OS (near)

163.                   VA OU (near)