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Lazy Eye Yes    No
Keratoconus Yes    No
Glaucoma Yes    No
Cataracts Yes    No
Macular Degeneration Yes    No
Retinal Detachment Yes    No
Headaches Yes    No
Blurred Vision Yes    No
Double Vision Yes    No
Tired/Painful eyes Yes    No

Halos Around Lights Yes    No
Light Sensitivity Yes    No
Frequent Styes Yes    No
Redness/Irritation Yes     No
Itching Yes    No
Burning Yes    No
Tearing Yes    No
Dryness Yes    No
Sandy/Gritty Yes    No
Flashing Lights Yes    No
Floaters Yes    No

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  Heart Disease
  Kidney Disease
  Thyroid problems
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Poor Vision No Yes
Cancer No Yes
Blindness No Yes
Diabetes No Yes
Eye Turn No Yes
High Blood Pressure No Yes
Lazy Eye No Yes
Stroke No Yes
Glaucoma No Yes
Thyroid Disease No Yes
Cataracts No Yes
Retinal Detachment/Disease No Yes
Macular Degeneration No Yes

How did you hear about Somerset Eye Care?

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Our doctors strongly recommend digital retinal photography as part of the yearly eye exam for all patients. These eye wellness photographs are a permanent record in your medical file that allow the doctors to better diagnose and document many eye conditions year after year. Most insurances do not cover the fee for the procedure ($39). If you would like additional information before having the photographs taken, please notify the Technician or Doctor.

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