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Bordering Cedar Park & North Austin, minutes from Lakeline Mall. NW Corner of El Salido Pkwy & 620, behind the Capital One Bank Building.

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Do Your Eyes Sting, Burn, Itch, Or Feel Dry?
Have You Had An Eye Injury Or Been Diagnosed With Cataracts, Lazy Eye, Retinal Problems, Or Glaucoma?
Do You Have a History Of Headaches? Arthritis? Asthma? Diabetes? High Blood Pressure?
Heart Problems? Inflammatory Bowel Disease? Seizures? Thyroid Problems?
Do You Smoke? Are You Pregnant? Are You Nursing? Are You HIV+?
If Yes, Please List Below.
Does Anyone In Your Family Have/Had Diabetes? Lupus? Cancer? High Blood Pressure? Heart Problems? Auto-Immune Disease?
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Review of Systems

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BVD Review of Systems



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Reading Symptoms

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Sound Sensitivity Questionnaire

Instructions: For each question, please choose the answer that best applies to you.

1. Do you ever use earplugs or earmuffs to reduce your noise perception?
(Do not consider the use of hearing protection during abnormally high noise exposure situations)
2. Do you find it harder to ignore sounds around you in everyday situations?
3. Do you have trouble reading in a noisy or loud environment?
4. Do you have trouble concentrating in noisy surroundings?
5. Do you have difficulty listening to conversations in noisy places?
6. Has anyone you know ever told you that you tolerate noise or certain kinds of sound badly?
7. Are you particularly sensitive to or bothered by street noise?
8. Do you find the noise unpleasant in certain social situations?
(e.g. night clubs, pubs or bars, concerts, firework displays, cocktail receptions)
9. When someone suggests doing something, do you immediately think about the noise you're going to have to face?
(going out, to the cinema, to a concert, etc.)
10. Do you ever turn down an invitation or not go out because of the noise you would have to face?
11. Do noises or particular sounds bother you more in a quiet place than in a slightly noisy room?
12. Do stress and tiredness reduce your ability to concentrate in noise?
13. Are you less able to concentrate in noise towards the end of the day?
14. Do noise and certain sounds cause you stress and irritation?

SSCD Symptom Questionnaire

1. Do you experience dizziness or notice an increase in dizziness when speaking in a loud voice or in response to loud noises?
2. Do people mention to you that your speaking voice is soft even though it seems loud to you?
3. Have you ever yelled and felt like you were going to pass out?
4. Do your eyes hurt to move up and down, side to side, or feel like they are scraping or dragging while moving?
5. Have people commented that your eyes twitch or do you feel them twitching?
6. Can you hear your own hear beat inside your head when lying down on one side, when having a severe dizzy episode, or during physical exertion?
7. Do you have a feeling of fullness in one or both ears?
8. When you hum or sing, can you see things move or does it make you dizzy?
9. When you cough or sneeze, do you feel like things are moving or does it make you dizzy?
10. Do you get dizzy when lifting heavy objects or when exerting yourself through exercise?
11. Do you sense that objects on the horizon seem to "bounce" in your field of vision while walking or running?
12. Have you ever had the feeling that fluid was leaking out of one of your ears, yet there wasn't any fluid there?
13. Have you ever felt dizzy when there was a storm front passing through and there was a noticeable change in barometric pressure?
14. Do you feel a constant sway in your body?
15. Do you have ringing or crackling in one or both ears?
16. Do you experience dizziness or fullness when lying flat?


Within The Last 14 Days Have You Experienced Any Of The Following Symptoms:

Condition Yes No
Shortness Of Breath Or Difficulty Breathing
Repeated Shaking With Chills
Muscle Pain
Sore Throat
New Loss Of Taste Or Smell
Have You Traveled In The Last 14 Days?
Have You Or A Member Of Your Household Had Close Contact
With Or Cared For Someone Diagnosed With COVID-19 In The Last 14 Days?
Have You Or A Member Of Your Household Had Close Contact With Or Cared
For Someone With A Presumptive Positive Case Of COVID-19 In The Last 14 Days?
Has Anyone In Your Household Been Asked Or Required To Quarantine Based On Contact
With A Person Who Has A Confirmed Or Presumptive Positive COVID-19 Test Result Or Diagnosis,
Or Have You Been Asked To Quarantine?

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