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Office Policies

Assignment Of Medical Benefits

(1) I hereby authorize my insurance company, including Medicare if I am a Medicare Beneficiary, to make payments to Insight Vision Care for medical services or items rendered to me or my dependent by Insight Vision Care. Should my insurance carrier deny Insight Vision Care payment I understand I am responsible for the charges. I authorize Insight Vision Care to release any and all of my records to my insurer, or any other third party payer, legally responsible for the payment of medical expenses. I certify that the information provided or to be provided by me is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge. It is my responsibility to update any and all personal, insurance and health information.

(2) Contact lens fittings are a separate billable service from comprehensive eye exams (although they may be rendered on the same day), and a comprehensive eye exam within one year is an obligatory prerequisite for contact lens fittings. I understand that professional fees collected for services rendered during a contact lens fitting (even if unsuccessful) are non-refundable.

Insurance Waiver

Insight Vision Care will be happy to file your claim on your behalf. However any benefits quoted by us or relayed from your insurance carrier(s) are only an estimation of benefits, not a guarantee of coverage. A final determination cannot be made until a claim is processed by your insurance carrier(s).While we are willing to check for you, knowing your insurance benefits and restrictions are ultimately your responsibility. If your insurance company or policy requires a referral or prior authorization it is your responsibility to make sure that is obtained before services are provided. If services provided are not covered by your plan or are not a contractual obligation with that carrier, the bill will remain your responsibility.

Appointment reminders:

We may call to remind you of scheduled appointments, or that it is time to make a routine appointment. We may also call or write to notify you of other treatment or services available at our office that might help you. Unless you tell us otherwise, we reserve the right to send you appointment reminders.

Patient Correspondence

I am giving consent for Insight Vision Care to correspond with me over email. Consent can be revoked by notifying us at any time.

Social Media

I may be asked if I am willing to have my (or my child's) photo posted on the social media pages for Insight Vision Care. I am signing that I have given my consent to allow a photo to be taken and posted. Consent can be revoked by notifying us at any time.


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By signing below, I certify that I have reviewed and agree to Insight Vision Care's Assignment of Medical Benefits, Insurance Waiver, and other office policies, including the Notice of Privacy Practices, and that all of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction in language that I can understand.

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