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We at Watters Vision Care are constantly striving to provide the best of care for your eyes. We have recently acquired a instrument which we believe will help us in this quest. This technology has been around for awhile, but only recently has the image quality met our standards.

The device provides what is called an Optomap, which is a laser generated image of the back of your eyes. This includes your retina, optic nerves, maculas and blood vessels. This helps our doctors with identifying eye problems including, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retina detachments and eye cancers.

This does not replace the regular eye examination, but adds more information about your eyes. The images can be compared year to year to help detect subtle changes.

This technology is very expensive and unfortunately, most insurances do not cover the procedure. Most offices charge $39.00 or more for an Optomap Image. We are only charging $29.00 for the images because we want every one of our patients to have access to this technology. For families with children under 18, we only charge $25.00 for each child.

We cannot emphasize enough, how beneficial this procedure is for your ongoing eye care.

Please indicate below whether you would like this procedure as part of your complete eye examination.

Yes, please include the Optomap to help Watters Vision Care provide the best care for my eyes

I decline the Optomap

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