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Medical History

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Eye History

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Family Eye History

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Review of Systems

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Social History

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Child Vision History

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Have you noticed or has your child reported any of the following:

Difficulty copying from the chalkboard:
Frequent eye rubbing:
Tires easily:
Difficulty recognizing same word on different page:
Difficulty with memory:
Remembers better what's heard than said:
Responds better orally than by writing:
Seems to know material, but does poorly on tests:
Dislikes/avoid near tasks:
Short attention span/loses interest:
Dislikes/avoids sports:
Difficulty catching/hitting a ball:

Leisure Time Activities

How many Hours per day does your child spend outside - average?
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Developmental History

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Did the mother experience any health problems during the pregnancy?:
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Normal birth?:
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Visual History

Has your child's vision been previously evaluated?:
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Reason for examination:
Results and recommendations:

Were glasses, contact lenses, or other optical devices recommended?:
If yes, what?
Are they used?:
If yes, when?
If not used, why not?

Members of the family who have had visual attention and the reason:

Name Age Visual Condition


Age at time of entrance to: Preschool Kindergarten First Grade
Does your child like school?:

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Overall schoolwork is:

Which Subjects Are:
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Does your child need to spend a lot of time/effort to maintain this level of performance?:
How much time on average does your child spend each day on homework assignments?:
Do you feel your child is achieving up to potential?:
Does the teacher feel your child is achieving up to potential?:

General Behavior

Are there any behavior problems at school?:
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Are there any behavior problems at home?:
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What causes these problems?

Give a brief description of your child as a person:

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