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Patient Visual Symptoms (Check All That Apply)

No Complaint Head Aches
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Blur At Near Floaters Eye Infection
Itchy Eye Flashes Eye Injury
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*Do You Currently Experience? (Check Atleast One Checkbox Below)

GEN: Fever, wt loss, wt gain, fatigue?
ENT: Allergies, Sinus, Cough, Dry ENT
CARDIO: High BP, Heart, Vasc Dz
RESPIR: Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema
GI: Diarrhea, Constipation, Ulcer, Reflux
REPRO/URINARY: Infection, Inflam, Pain
MM, BONES, JOINTS: Arthritis, Injury
SKIN: Growths, Acne
NEURO: HA, Numb, Dizzy, Seizures
PSYCH: Depress, Anxiety, Insomnia
BLOOD: Anemia, chol, bleed
IMMUN: Rheum, HIV/AIDS, Lupus
Pregnancy or nursing
ENDO: Thyroid, Diabetes
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