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General Medical History

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Review of Systems

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Cardiovascular (e.g., chest pressure or discomfort, irregular heartbeat)
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Psychiatric (e.g., emotional changes, depression, anxiety, ADHD, sleep problems, paranoia, obsessive/compulsive)
Blood/Lymph (e.g., bruising, easy bleeding)
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Ocular History

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Macular Degeneration
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List any major eye injuries, infections or surgeries and approx dates. Type "none" if applicable.
List any other significant or chronic eye problems you have or had. Type "none" if applicable.
List all Rx and over-the-counter eye medications you currently use. Type "none" if applicable.
What is your main concern or reason for your visit, for example:
  • blurred vision, headaches, eyestrain, double vision, or losing your place when reading
  • itching, burning, redness, pain, sensitivity to light, watering, crusting or mucus discharge
  • seeing rainbows around white lights at night, flashes of light or dark spots/squiggles/webs
How many hours/day do you typically spend using a computer or other digital devices?
Exactly how far (in inches) is your computer monitor from your eyes? 
How many hours per day do you typically spend reading books, magazines, etc?
What are your hobbies/sports activities?
Do you have sunglasses?
Do you have back-up glasses?
Are you interested in contacts?
Contact Lens Wearers Only:
What contact lens solution do you currently use?
How many hours do you wear your lenses each day?
How often do you replace your lenses?
How old is your current pair of contacts?

Unless a pupil dilation is ordered by the doctor, an ultra-wide retinal scan is the quickest, most comfortable way of evaluating the health of your retina in great detail without the need for pupil-dilating eyedrops. Recommended for age 5 and older, the retinal scan is fast, safe, and painless, and will not induce the four hours of blurred vision and light sensitivity that you would normally experience after having your eyes dilated. Your insurance plan may cover the retinal scan with or without a copay; without coverage, the retinal scan is $45.00. Please check the box if you would like to request the retinal scan at your upcoming visit:

Retinal Scan Requested YES


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