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Do you have a history of any of the following?                                            Are you currently experiencing any of the following?
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                    Blindness                                                       Headaches                                               Eyes itch    

Eye Turn (Strabismus)                                                   Blurred Vision                                             Eyes burn       

Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)                                                   Double Vision                                              Eyes tear    

              Keratoconus                                          Eyes "hurt" or "tired"                                         Eyes feel dry    

                  Glaucoma                                             Halos around lights                            Eyes feel sandy/gritty     

                   Cataracts                                Bothered by light / sun light                                        Flashing lights    

Macular Degeneration                                                   Frequent styes                                                Floaters    

     Retinal Detachment                                           Eyes frequently red        

List any eye surgeries:                                                           Other eye disease or condition                                              Describe any eye injuries: 

How many hours a day do you use a computer?        Describe any visual symptoms from computer use:    


Physician's Name:       Last Visit Date:   

List all medications you are currently taking (including any OTC/vitamins):                    List any medications you are allergic to: 

Are you pregnant or nursing? Yes    No              If yes, what is the due/birth date?   

Do you have, or ever had, any CHRONIC problems in the following areas?SET ALL TO NO 

                            YES  NO                                               YES  NO                           YES NO
            Migraines                     High blood pressure                   Arthritis     
Multiple Sclerosis                       Allergies/Hay fever                    Stroke      

             Diabetes                                         Asthma                   Anemia      

Thyroid problems                                  Emphysema                    Cancer         




Family history is unknown/adopted

Any history of the following in any family members (parents, grandparents, siblings, children)? SET ALL TO NO 

                                            YES No    RELATIONSHIP TO PATIENT                                             YES NO    RELATIONSHIP TO PATIENT     
                        Poor Vision                                                                 Cancer                
                             Blindness                                                               Diabetes                    

          Eye turn (Strabismus)                                                  High Blood Pressure        
        Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)                                                                   Stroke           

                          Glaucoma                                                      Thyroid Disease                
                           Cataracts                                                    Inherited Disease              
         Macular Degeneration                                                        what disease?    

Retinal Detachment/Disease           


SOCIAL HISTORY (confidential)

How often do you smoke/use tobacco products?  
How often do you consume alcohol?             

Do you have? HIV    Hepatitis   STDs


Who referred you to our office?     

If not referred, how did you hear about Pearson Eyecare Group?   

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