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Acknowledgement of Pupil Dilation
Because some medical conditions first show up in the eye, the retina is best viewed with a dilated pupil. The doctors at 20Twenty Eyecare recommend a pupillary dilation once every two years, however, certain medical conditions require a dilated exam more often.

Please talk with our doctors or a staff member if you have any questions.

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Optomap Retinal Exam
In our continued efforts to bring the most advanced technology to our patients, we are proud to announce the inclusion of the Optomap Retinal Exam as an integral part of your exam today.

Our doctors are concerned about retinal problems including macular degeneration, glaucoma, retina holes or detachments, and systemic diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure. These conditions can lead to serious health problems, including partial loss of vision or blindness, and often develop without warning and progress with no symptoms.

An Optomap Retinal Exam provides:
• An eye wellness scan
• An in-depth view of the retinal layers (where diseases can start)
• The ability for you to view your Optomap image at the time of your exam
• An annual, permanent record of your medical file, which gives doctors
• Comparisons for tracking and diagnosing potential eye disease

Insurance typically does not cover any advanced screening technology beyond the general exam. Our doctors highly recommend the Optomap Retinal Exam for all patients. This will be done as an enhancement to the general eye exam for a fee of $42.00.