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Digital Retinal Imaging and Dilation

The doctors at Desert EyeCare Center conduct thorough eye exams using the most advanced technology available. During your annual eye exam, we aim to evaluate the health of all ocular structures. In order to visualize the internal structures, we must perform either retinal imaging or pupillary dilation (there are situations where both may be indicated). Please select one of the following options:

Optomap Digital Retinal Photos/Imaging (doctor's recommendation):
Your co-pay today: $35. The fastest and safest method to check the health of your eyes. These photos take 2-5 minutes to capture and will be reviewed in the exam room. They serve as a permanent record of your eye health and are a useful tool in monitoring your eye health over time. This technology is new to our office and captures a much wider view of the retina than our prior retinal photography.

Pupillary Dilation:
Dilation requires the use of pharmaceutical eye drops. This will prolong your visit by 30-45 minutes and may be contraindicated in certain situations such as pregnancy. Side effects often include light sensitivity, blurred vision, inability to read and/or look at digital devices, and fatigue, these symptoms typically last 3-6 hours.

**Please note: some patients may need both photos and pupillary dilation based on their individual needs and/or diagnosis. This will be determined by the doctor during the eye exam.

Authorized Representative

Desert EyeCare Center may discuss my medical information and insurance information with:

Insurance Authorization, Financial Policy, and Consent To Treat

I request that payment of authorized insurance/Medicare benefits be made on my behalf to Desert EyeCare Center(DECC).This is to include medical services rendered by myself and/or dependents. I assume responsibility for any deductible, co-payment, or other balance not covered by my insurance carrier. Authorization obtained at the time of service does not guarantee payment. As a service to the patient, DECC will submit claims to your insurance carrier. However DECC cannot guarantee that these claims will be honored. All denied claims will be billed to the patient. I recognize that it is my responsibility to know and understand my insurance coverage, or lack thereof. I understand that professional fees are due upon completion of the exam, and that these services are non-refundable. I UNDERSTAND THAT ALL GLASSES AND CONTACT LENS ORDERS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. I authorize the doctor to release all information necessary to secure payment of benefits.

I consent to Desert EyeCare Center to provide eye care services to myself and/or family.
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Vision Insurance vs. Medical Insurance

Desert EyeCare Center is required by law to follow proper coding and billing for eye/vision examinations. Your vision insurance will not pay for a medical eye condition and your medical insurance will not pay for your routine eye examination.
Vision Plan: Medical Plan: We are not allowed to bill both medical and vision insurances on the same day. If you have a medical eye problem, and still need glasses, we can handle it one of two ways. We can check your prescription the same day as your medical eye exam and bill you for the refraction (eyeglass prescription check), or you can come back on another day and we can bill your vision insurance for your refraction.

I understand that Vision and Medical insurances have different purposes and can't be used on the same day.

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Contact Lens Policy

If you are interested in Contact Lenses at your appointment, please review our contact lens policy here. By signing I accept this policy.
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