Help using the Humphrey Lensometer 350 Software

   available on Crystal PM 2.8.21+


Setting Crystal PM to accept Humphrey

1)  Install and Configure Crystal PM Machine Integration Utility

The latest Version can be downloaded here.




Assigning a Field from the Machines Data file.

1) Edit the Medical Records

2) Click on the field which will receive the input values

3) Change the description to HUMPHREY:ID (ex -> [HUMPHREY:2] for Time From Machine)


Fields available to be assigned from XML

ID          Data                                Example_________________________________

1        File Location                          C:\Program Files\CrystalPM\mach\mach1\mach1.txt

2        Time                                   03:30 PM

3        OD Sphere                              +2.50

4        OD Cylinder                            -2.50

5        OD Axis                                80

6        OS Sphere                              +1.50

7        OS Cylinder                            -1.00

8        OS Axis                                84

9        OD Sph Cyl Axis                        +2.50-2.50x80

10       OS Sph Cyl Axis                        +1.50-1.00x84