Help Integrating the Zeiss VisuRef




Setting Crystal PM

1)  Install Crystal PM Machine Integration software

The latest Version can be downloaded from Crystal via:

Support Download Support Files Machine Integration Utility


Settings are:

Data Speed: 9600

Data Bits: 8

Parity: None

Stop Bits: One

Flow Control: None

File type: Text


2)  Configure Software to work with Device (Select the Ziess VisuRef)

3)  Send data through machine (Press Print Button)

4)  Select an open machine slot (Press [Ctrl-1])

5)  Search for available machines online (click link on bottom of page)

6)  Double Click the VisuRef device.

7)  Browse for the data location [C:\Program Files\CrystalPM\Mach\mach1\mach1.txt]

8)  Restart Crystal PM.




3.  OD Sph

4.  OD Cyl

5.  OD Axis

6. OS Sph

7. OS Cyl

8. OS Axis

10.OD K1 diopter

11.OD K1 Axis

13.OD K2 diopter

14.OD K2 Axis

20.OS K1 diopter

21.OS K1 Axis

23.OS K2 diopter

24.OS K2 Axis