Help using the Zeiss iProfiler/iScription Software

   available on Crystal PM 3.5+


Assigning a Field From the Machines Data File.

1) Save the Export File From iScription to a Folder

2) Add the Zeiss Machine to Crystal PM and browse For File


Fields available to be assigned From XML

ID          Data                       ________________________________

1        Patient Last Name

2        Patient First Name

3        Patient Date Of Birth

4        Patient Gender

5        Patient External Patient Id

6        Subjective Refraction OD Sphere

7        Subjective Refraction OD Cylinder Power

8        Subjective Refraction OD Cylinder Axis

9        Subjective Refraction OD Addition

10       Subjective Refraction OD Prism Power

11       Subjective Refraction OD Prism base

12       Subjective Refraction OS Sphere

13       Subjective Refraction OS Cylinder Power

14       Subjective Refraction OS Cylinder Axis

15       Subjective Refraction OS Addition

16       Subjective Refraction OS Prism Power

17       Subjective Refraction OS Prism base

18       Back Vertex Distance

19       iProfilerData Identification Number

20       iProfilerData TimeStamp

21       iProfilerData OD AutoRefractor Sphere

22       iProfilerData OD AutoRefractor Cylinder Power

23       iProfilerData OD AutoRefractor Cylinder Axis

24       iProfilerData OS AutoRefractor Sphere

25       iProfilerData OS AutoRefractor Cylinder Power

26       iProfilerData OS AutoRefractor Cylinder Axis

27       iScriptionResult OD Sphere

28       iScriptionResult OD Cylinder Power

29       iScriptionResult OD Cylinder Axis

30       iScriptionResult OD Addition

31       iScriptionResult OS Sphere

32       iScriptionResult OS Cylinder Power

33       iScriptionResult OS Cylinder Axis

34       iScriptionResult OS Addition

35       FinalRx OD Sphere

36       FinalRx OD Cylinder Power

37       FinalRx OD Cylinder Axis

38       FinalRx OD Addition

39       FinalRx OD Prism Power

40       FinalRx OD Prism base

41       FinalRx OS Sphere

42       FinalRx OS Cylinder Power

43       FinalRx OS Cylinder Axis

44       FinalRx OS Addition

45       FinalRx OS Prism Power

46       FinalRx OS Prism base

47       WaveFrontImage RIGHT

48       WaveFrontImage LEFT