Nidek Navis-EX Integration

1)      If Nidek Navis installed on the C drive [default location], link INI File to the navigator.exe location.


Verify shortcut points to “C:\NAVIS-EX\Navigator\navigator.exe” if not edit insight.ini in the CrystalPM folder and add line Navis=[location of EXE]

     example : Navis = D:\NAVIS-EX\Navigator\navigator.exe


2)      Configure Navis to allow for 3rd Party integration


Go To Settings

Go To Tab Patient Change

Check Use Patient

Click Setup

Set Data Values

PatientID             Field 1

Last Name           Field 2

First Name          Field 3

Sex                         Field 4

Birthday               Field 5

3)      Add Navis Button to Medical Records

Put Crystal PM into Edit Records mode

Create New Field

Set Text To Navis

Set Type To Button

Add Button Command – Pre Loaded Application – Nidek Navis-EX

Save Button Command

Add Button to Medical Record Tab