Topcon - ImageNET

ImageNET will open the ImageNET software to the correct patient, or create the patient if he/she does not exist. 

To create the ImageNET button

1.     Records EHR Settings Edit Medical Record Templates

2.     Add New Field

3.     Text = ImageNET

Type = Button


Pre-Loaded Application

ImageNET Capture


4.     Right-click template Add Field to Tab

5.     Stop Editing and Save Changes to Database


*NOTE* By default, the ImageNET button will search for the program in the directory C:\Program Files\TOPCON\IMAGEnet 2000\IMAGEnet.exe. If you are using a different directory, you will need to add the following line to your insight.ini file located in the CrystalPM program file: Imagenet=c:\directory of imagenet.exe