CPM_logo_LargeOptovue Integration Configuration

Integration Details:

We will create a button in your records section that will open up the Optovue software to the patient you have open in Crystal.

This integration will open the Optovue software, either opening to the patient you have open in Crystal, or creating the patient in the Optovue software if they do not already exist.


Adding Oculus Measurement Reports into Crystal:

This integration will not save images into Crystal automatically.

If you are needing to add them to Crystal, you have two options:

Option 1: Export image reports from Optovue to a folder on your computer and manually add them to the patientís file section or pics section in Crystal.

Option 2:Use the Crystal PM PDF printer to add in a PDF report to the patients file section.





1.      Open a Patient record inside Crystal

2.      At the top of Crystal, click on EHR Settings, then choose Edit Medical Record Templates

3.      In the Edit Records Window:

a.       Click on Add New Field

b.      Set the Text to Optovue

c.       Set the field Type to be a Button

d.      In the button settings, choose Command then choose the Pre-Loaded Application option

e.       In the drop-down, choose Optovue

1.      In the Integration Settings box, set the location of the EHR Interface .EXE

2.      If using Optovue iVue, the location typically should be: C:\iVue\bin\iVue.exe

3.      If using Optovue ReVue, the location typically should be: C:\RTOCTVIEW\bin\ReVue.exe

**Note:If you have both softwareís, you will need to create two separate buttons, one for each software**

f.       Click Save

4.      On the Records Page:

a.       Navigate to the tab you want your button to be placed on

b.      Right click in a blank area and choose Add Field to Tab

c.       Drag this field to where you want it to go

d.      Click on Stop Editing and Save Changes To Database